SoC accelerates transition from analog cable to digital broadcasting

Irvine, Calif.—Broadcom Corp. announced a digital-to-analog (DTA) SoC that enables cable set-top box (STB) OEMs to provide cable operators with a cost effective device that transitions analog cable customers to digital broadcasting.

The Broadcom DTA chip paves the way for the expanded network capacity needed to provide additional high definition (HD) content and is currently used by manufacturers building DTA converter boxes for Comcast, a provider of entertainment, information and communications.

The BCM3545 DTA SoC enables cable operators to move quickly and cost efficiently to all-digital infrastructures by delivering digital-quality video and audio service to existing analog cable customers. As of the February 17, 2009 broadcast digital transition, cable operators will deliver triple cast services (i.e. analog, standard definition (SD) and high definition digital signals) to their customers, and adapters will become one of the cost effective ways that cable providers will deliver analog and SD broadcast signals.

Designed in 65 nanometer, the single-chip BCM3545 cable DTA SoC provides significant benefits over larger process geometries by enabling lower power consumption, higher CPU and memory performance for fast channel changes, and higher levels of integration that result in smaller form factors and lower cost adapters.

The new DTA chip is based upon the earlier generation BCM3543 SoC that is used in many terrestrial broadcast designs and is ENERGY-STAR-compliant.

Pricing: Less than $10 each.
Availability: In production.

Product brief: Click here.

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