Social Search And Share Company TagLikeMe Corp. Launches A New User Trial Designed To Drive Over Five Million New Unique Views Over A 30-day Period

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LONDON, Oct. 8, 2012

LONDON , Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — TagLikeMe Corp. (“TagLikeMe” or “the Company”) (OTCQB:TAGG), a social media development company, has launched a new user trial campaign in order to drive over five million new unique views to its website over a 30-day period.

The trial, which is designed to expose new, unique viewers to the powerful social search and sharing capabilities of the TagLikeMe platform, is expected to add significantly to the site's growing traffic and generate a large number of repeat users who are likely to adopt TagLikeMe as a primary social search and share application.

In a previous 30-day trial, TagLikeMe received over 200,000 unique views with an industry leading return viewer rate of over 12%. Using this figure as a guide, TagLikeMe could increase its user base by as much as 600,000 eyeballs in a one-month timeline.

According to the social media site Backupify[1], the average value of each repeat user is close to $56.00 per person, formulated by calculating a social media companies' estimated market value divided by the number of its current total users. Based on this formula, repeat usage by 600,000 users could add an estimated $33.6 million value to TagLikeMe Corp's market value in the coming quarter.

“Once people try it, they immediately understand why TagLikeMe is so useful and powerful”, states Richard Elliot-Square Chairman and CEO of TagLikeMe Corp. “That has been reflected in our high adoption rates. So, we are intensifying our initial drive to build our user base and critical rankings, including Alexa rankings, by pushing large amounts of new users to try the site. This adds value, as we bring on new users who return, but also gives us the ability to grow on what we feel is a “seeded” viral path. People try TagLikeMe and immediately reach out to others in their social network via our unique interface. We think trials are an excellent method to build adoption of our site and technology. We could double and triple our current traffic over the immediate quarter simply by employing this practical approach.”

As an added benefit of the new user trial, TagLikeMe's technical and development team will be able to utilize the detailed analytics from the trial to further improve the social search and share capabilities. Important data such as the time spent on the site and most used search and share tools will help shape the understanding of the site usage for future improvements and enhancements.

Management expects to complete the trial and associated evaluations during Q4 2012.

About TagLikeMe Corp.

TagLikeMe Corp. owns and operates, an Internet services platform that combines the most commonly used functions of search and social media interaction in one destination. allows individuals to search the Internet by using the top three search engines of Yahoo™, Bing™ and Google™, in addition to viewing related activities from popular social media based sites such as Facebook™, YouTube™, Twitter™ and Wikipedia ™ in a single search inquiry. It also gives searchers the opportunity to connect, chat and share with others worldwide that might be searching similar topics. This adds a much-needed human element to search and online social interaction.

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