Socialbakers Launches Analytics PRO to Bolster Social Media Performance Through Competitive Insights, Social Engagement and Influencer Identification

Global Leader in Social Media Analytics Enhances Graphic Intelligence and Product Features to Surge Customer Social Media Performance

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO , April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Socialbakers today launched its Analytics PRO technology to track Facebook and Twitter campaign performance on the industry's most powerful social media engagement platform. Socialbakers’ Analytics PRO enables all companies, from enterprise to small business, to identify, engage and track their most important social influencers, while monitoring dozens of industry competitors.

“Socialbakers has fundamentally changed the way that LVMH plans, implements and optimizes our social media and social marketing campaigns,” said Thomas Romieu, Group Digital Director at Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. “Its technology saves us tremendous amounts of time and resources because it quickly and easily helps us understand how to increase online engagement, increase conversions and build loyalty with the most influential users.”

News Highlights

  • Simplifying Social Analytics : Analytics PRO enables brands and marketers to select the Facebook Pages or Twitter Profiles they wish to monitor, and access competitive analysis and campaign performance from a single, graphic-based Dashboard
  • Analytics Through Graphics : Analytics PRO's graphical Social Dashboard provides graphics to feature how and when users interact with a company's Facebook or Twitter content, which includes the number of “likes,” comments and “shares”. Socialbakers' customers are able to quickly and easily understand how users interact with the company's content, and with one another.
  • Competitive Analyses : Analyze a single page or compare multiple brand pages on the same screen.
  • Fan Page Score : Combine 'performance' categories into a single, graphic interface, including: Number of fans; Content; Posting Strategy; and Engagement
  • Key Performance Indicators : Provide influential metrics, including: Growth Rate; Engagement Rate; Demographic Reach
  • Key Influencers : Quickly identify and monitor a brand's most active and influential fans, including their posts, comments and activity based on public data.
  • Socialbakers engagement technology is utilized by 250,000 users across 75 countries, and is the most utilized social media analytics platform throughout Europe , with mass adoption worldwide.

Additional Quotes

“We were amazed by the ease of use and power of this tool. Analytics PRO has helped LVMH transform the way we engage on Twitter and Facebook.”
– Thomas Romieu, Group Digital Director at Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

“Social media marketing is expected to total 15 percent of all online marketing budgets by 2013 – without social analytics focused on user engagement, companies are practically throwing their investments in the garbage. Analytics PRO is incredibly powerful because it helps our clients study the competition, understand how to provide the content users want and develop the most meaningful and conversion-driving content.”
Jan Rezab , Socialbakers CEO

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Socialbakers is a social media analytics company, and the most cited source for global Facebook data with more than 10 million Facebook pages and places indexed. Launched in 2008, Socialbakers tools include its easy-to-use Engagement Analytics and Engagement Builder. The company is the only solution that allows brands such as Lufthansa, L'Oreal, Danone, Vodafone, Samsung, GE Money, Ogilvy, Kraft and Peugeot to measure, compare and contrast the success of their social media campaigns with competitive intelligence. For more information, visit

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