Software controls SNAP, ZigBee wireless networks

Huntsville, Ala.—Synapse announced its Portal PC-based software for configuring and controlling SNAP (Synapse Network Appliance Protocol) and ZigBee wireless networks.

Synapse Portal network administration software allows the user to configure and change complex behavior of End Devices without complex programming using simple scripts to define behavior. Versions of Synapse Portal can also support up to 65,000 devices, provide an accessible API (Application Programming Interface) for interfacing with third-party applications, and have Internet accessibility so users can configure, control, and monitor their network and devices from anywhere.

In a SNAP-based network as soon as a Synapse End Device has been incorporated into the network, the PC-based Synapse Portal software administrator can be used to configure the behavior of the End Device.

With Synapse Portal, once commands have been issued; the command is embedded in the End Device. Synapse Portal can then be disconnected from the network, if required, and the Coordinator and End Devices can be left to perform their required tasks.

Pricing: Synapse Portal Lite is included with Synapse Evaluation Kit; Synapse Portal Silver is $249.
Availability: Portal Silver will be available May 18. Larger network support, full ZigBee support, API and Internet support will be available later this year in Portal Gold and Portal Platinum.
Datasheets: click here.

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