Software development kit is sweet song for disk drive MP3 players

Austin, TX — SigmaTel, Inc., a provider of analog intensive, mixed-signal integrated circuits, and Perception Digital, a technology solution provider focusing on the research and development of high-end digital audio consumer products, today announced the availability of a software development kit (SDK) for hard disk drive MP3 players based on SigmaTel's STMP3500 product family.

As the leading supplier of MP3 audio controllers to the MP3 player market, SigmaTel's current flash player development kit is already known for its extensive feature offerings and ease of use throughout the industry. Now the SigmaTel D-Major solution is available in a robust Perception Digital hard disk drive player development kit, and includes many of the same benefits of its flash player offerings.

“Thanks to Perception Digital's superb design efforts, SigmaTel's well known MP3 player solutions can now more easily penetrate the popular hard disk drive MP3 player market,” says Danny Mulligan, vice president and general manager of the portable audio SoC group at SigmaTel. “We look forward to bringing D-Major benefits to this market, such as longer battery life, smaller form factors and a lower bill of materials.”

“SigmaTel is a well known technology leader in the MP3 player market and Perception Digital is proud to be aligned with promoting their solutions,” says Jack Lau, chairman of Perception Digital. “By offering this development kit to the MP3 design engineers, better features and lower costs can be instilled into future hard drive player designs.”

SigmaTel STMP35xx Technical documentation

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