Software stack and reference designs target next generation RF remote controls

GreenPeak today announced the availability of the first ultra low power RF4CE compliant software stack and set of reference designs for RF based remote control devices based on its Emerald GP500C chip. This GreenPeak offering allows a total solution cost less than $2.00 and is optimized for range, robustness against interference, battery life, and a small and simple to adopt software environment.

GreenPeak's RF4CE reference designs provide omni-directional (no point-and-shoot), high-speed, low latency two-way communication with high throughput, allowing fast content browsing, touchpad operation, gaming, as well as high resolution displays on the remote control. With a 30-meter range RF4CE remotes can control equipment anywhere in a home or business. RF4CE remotes can also control systems hidden away inside cabinets or closets as well as home automation systems, monitoring and managing air conditioning, heating, security, etc.

The GreenPeak reference designs will be delivered with a very small protocol stack which fits well within processors with 16KB of program memory. The embedded IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer allows a short time to market and a simple, stable and reliable software application. GreenPeak's solution also includes IR as secondary use for legacy systems and allows the use of a single universal remote control for both IR and RF devices. Additionally, the reference designs are based on a single layer low cost PCB with integrated antennas and a very low component count, guaranteeing a very low cost BOM.

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