Solid-state MUX delivers 40-V switching

Clacton on Sea, United Kingdom—Pickering Interfaces is expanding its PXI switching product line with the 40-682 solid state versatile multiplexer (MUX).

The 40-682 is similar to Pickering Interfaces' 40-612 versatile MUX; however, its latest part uses high-performance solid state switching to provide it with long service life, no switch bounce, and low on resistance.

The on-resistance of each MUX is typically 3.2 ohms, which is said to be significantly lower than any other PXI solid-state switching module. Use of FET switches in the design ensures that the module can handle high currents without degrading the life time of the switches.

The 40-682 can handle continuous currents of 0.25-A and pulse currents of
0.75-A for 100-ms, enabling the MUX to switch reliably when connected to capacitive loads. Switch voltage rating is specified at ±40 V.

The versatile switching arrangement allows users to operate the 40-682 in a variety of configurations ranging from 8 banks of 16 channel 1 pole MUXes to 1 bank of 128 channel 1 pole MUX. Two pole switching is supported by the same module with configurations ranging from 8 banks of 8 channels to 1 bank of 64 channels.

The 40-682 is supported by VISA and Kernel drivers that provide fast control of the switching system. Switching time, including the driver, is typically 80µs with a bounce free rise time of less than 20µs.

Pricing: $1945.
Availability: Now.

Datasheet: click here.

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