SP Devices lends interleaving expertise to TI’s 12bit ADC eval. module

SP Devices has introduced the ADS54RF63-ADX4, a 12bit, 2.2Gsps digitizer solution evaluation module (EVM). The EVM incorporates four of Texas Instruments' 12bit, 550Msps ADS54RF63 ADCs operating in an interleaved mode to increase the sampling frequency. These feed a Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGA that has been pre-configured with SP Devices' interleaving IP.

The interleaving technology continuously analyses the ADCs' outputs to automatically remove the interleaving spurs arising from gain and mismatch errors, removing the need for monitoring components and an off-line recalibration routine. The captured signal is then sent to a PC for further analysis.

“It remains critical for our customers that we address the increasing demand for higher sampling speeds and extended bandwidth,” said Jonas Nilsson, CEO of SP Devices. “Combining SP Devices' innovative interleaving technology with TI's market-leading data converters allows us to extend the performance of high-speed ADCs. This high performance will extend to a broad range of new applications including Radio Base Stations/Multi-Carrier systems, Software-defined radio, and beyond.”

The EVM is part of TI's portfolio of support tools for customers using high-speed data converters in wide-bandwidth applications. Customers wanting to implement a system using SP Devices' interleaving IP will need to contact the company for a production license. For more information, visit SP Devices

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