Speed Up Product Development with Austriamicrosystems’ Hit-Kit

Unterpremstaetten, Austria — Austriamicrosystems AG claims it can ease the trial and error pain associated with high-voltage analog design via its high-voltage CMOS process design kit.

Austriamicrosystems' 50-V, 0.35µm high-voltage CMOS process design kits with integrated design for manufacturing (DFM) features, consist of library elements, component models, process-specific parameters, and interface programs for CAD software for foundry customers who develop their own chips.

DFM for analog/high voltage chip design is a highly demanded necessity in order to ensure fast ramp-up and stable volume production. Using the new HIT-Kit allows optimization towards yield and robustness of the design during the design process, thus enabling considerable bottom line improvements for the ramp up of a project.

High-voltage analog designs traditionally involve significant trial and error procedures. With its leading expertise in high voltage CMOS and analog technology, Austriamicrosystems has made significant effort to ease this pain for its customers. Austriamicrosystems' DFM-enhanced reference design flow utilizes specific analog/high voltage DFM tools such as design and layout verification of circuit robustness, yield centering, parasitic simulation or safe operating area check. As a further service, austriamicrosystems provides full design support including analog/high voltage DFM guidelines and DFM design reviewing services to its foundry customers.

“Early detection of critical structures and devices is accomplished by using the Safe Operating Area Check tool. This comprehensive tool enables designers to verify the operating area of all devices included in their design according to the related process parameter document in an efficient, fast and comfortable way. Improved Monte Carlo models optimized for high voltage designs and simulation models considering all device parasitics complete the DFM-optimized package,” said Thomas Moerth, design support manager at austriamicrosystems.

Monte Carlo analysis allows the investigation of both process spread and device mismatch. For this purpose, SPICE-parameters are assumed to have a statistical distribution based on the process statistic or measured device-matching statistic. A typical Monte Carlo run generates several multivariate random samples of the parameter vector and performs the desired circuit analysis for each sample. Afterwards, the distribution of the output variables can be analyzed by means of descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, higher order moments), as well as graphical statistic tools.

The one-time license fee for Austriamicrosystems' mixed-signal HIT-Kit is $10,900.00 and it includes all technologies, future updates and technical support. A digital version of the HIT-Kit is available free of charge.

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