SPICE circuit simulator targets 1M transistor circuits

Santa Clara, Calif. — Berkeley Design Automation, Inc. has introduced a 64-bit version of its Analog FastSPICE circuit simulator, which the company says delivers true SPICE accuracy on greater than 1M transistor circuits, making it an industry first.

Berkeley said the new 64-bit implementation gives Analog FastSPICE five to ten times higher effective capacity than other true SPICE accurate simulators. The capability has been proven by customers who have performed full-circuit DC operating point analysis, package analysis, and performance simulations on highly-integrated analog/RF circuits, including 802.11 transceivers, WCDMA transceivers, microcontrollers, data converters, multi-channel power converters, and memories, according to the company.

The company guarantees identical waveforms to the leading “golden” SPICE simulators down to noise floor, typically around 0.1%, while delivering higher capacity.

Product information: Analog FastSPICE

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