ST readies chips for Sirius’ in-vehicle TV receiver

PARIS – STMicroelectronics NV announced it has developed a digital broadcasting chipset for Sirius Backseat TV, a TV service that delivers live TV from family TV networks to the video screens of select vehicles.

Sirius Backseat TV can be received via an in-vehicle satellite video receiver and two small roof-mounted antennas. The digital audio and video signal is broadcast over the same frequency spectrum allocation as Sirius' radio.

The core of the in-vehicle satellite video receiver, which is manufactured by Delphi for SIRIUS, is based on three of ST's chips: the STA210 RF tuner IC, the STA240 channel, service and source decoder IC and the STA264 advanced hierarchical demodulator chip. The latter is claimed to extract the video stream and to perform error correction on the received signal.

“SIRIUS is a major player in the automotive entertainment field and its choice of ST’s chips to provide the core of this new in-vehicle TV receiver is a significant endorsement of ST’s digital broadcast expertise,” said Ugo Carena, Corporate VP and General Manager of ST’s Automotive Product Group. “ST’s has leveraged its digital radio design expertise, world-class manufacturing machine and know-how in System-on-Chip technology to deliver leading-edge solutions to the fast-growing US in-vehicle entertainment market.”

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