ST samples dual HDTV decoder in 65-nm silicon

LONDON — STMicroelectronics NV is samping a high-definition television decoder integrated circuit for set-top boxes that is capable of handling two video streams.

The STi7200, intended for STBs, digital video recorders (DVRs) and DVD players, supports HD DVD and Blu-ray formats, in addition to high-definition satellite and cable TV standards, and has been implemented in a 65-nm manufacturing process technology.

The STi7200 shares the architecture of the established STB7109 but doubles the decoding capability of the earlier device. The chip includes dual high-speed Ethernet ports to support distribution of high-definition content around the home. Other interfaces include dual SATA (Serial ATA) disk-drive interfaces, and three USB ports.

The chip supports the Secure Video Processor (SVP) and Windows Media DRM 10 standards, which allow digital rights to be passed between consumer devices. Secure connectivity is provided through a High bandwidth Digital Media Interface (HDMI) and High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) interface, both of which are required to connect consumer appliances to high-definition displays.

Development support includes software tools, support for Linux, Windows CE and OS21, and low level drivers, plus a range of middleware driver libraries.

The STi7200 is available in sample quantities, in a 35 by 35 pin PBGA package that enables 4-layer PCB routing, and is priced at $30 in high volume.

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