ST slims MEMS accelerometer profile for ultrathin consumer gear

PORTLAND, Ore. — STMicroelectronics has fielded a 0.75-mm-thick three-axis microlectromechanical system (MEMS)-based accelerometer that it says will let even ultrathin consumer platforms offer advanced user interface features. The LIS302DLH is the thinnest member of ST's Piccolo family of ultrasmall 16-bit MEMS chips, which are housed in 3 x 5-mm packages.

MEMS accelerometers are being built into consumer devices to provide interactive features such as automatic shifting from portrait to landscape display mode and scrolling by tilting the display. Smart phones, GPS devices, laptop computers and game controllers are among the consumer devices now packing the sensors, which are also being designed into a widening array of medical and scientific equipment.

ST said its digital three-axis accelerometer offers built-in motion sensing, orientation awareness, freefall detection and vibration monitoring. The device has a power-saving shutdown mode that awakens it automatically when motion is sensed. Acceleration measurements range from +8 to –8 g's. The LIS302DLH uses an SPI serial interface.

Samples are available now. Volume deliveries are promised for the third quarter at unit prices of $1.35 for 10,000 pieces.

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