ST STCF04 LED flash/torch controller

STMicroelectronics has developed an integrated camera flash and torch controller that raises the maximum power of an LED flash module from a few Watts to more than 40 Watts, producing the brightness equivalent to an outdoor security floodlight.

The STCF04 also provides extra flash and torch brightness controls, with eight user-selectable levels for the flash and 12 for the torch, as well as a light-sensor input. Flash and torch safety timers, temperature sensing and short-circuit protection features are also built in.

The STCF04 is used in a unique configuration combining a supercapacitor, a discrete high-current MOSFET switch and high-power white LEDs, and is intended for use in emergency high-intensity flashing lights as well as camera and cameraphone applications.

The discrete MOSFET is the key to the STCF04's power advantage over other controllers that usually integrate a MOSFET of lower rating on the chip. Its extra power enables designers to provide the higher quantities of light energy required by today's high-Mpixel camera sensors by specifying an LED flash unit rather than a conventional high-power xenon flash, thereby gaining the advantage of a compact and simplified design.

Key highlights:

  • Maximum flash power >40W
  • 1 x 320mA torch current
  • 100mA privacy indicator red LED output; 12 adjustment steps
  • I2 C bus with selectable address
  • Temperature sensing, short-circuit, over-voltage and flash/torch timer safety features
  • 25-bump 3 x 3mm TFBGA package

Pricing: $2 each in 1K quantities; alternative pricing options may be available for higher quantities.

Availability: Sampling; full production is planned at the end of Q1 2012.

Datasheet: Click here.

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