ST touts accuracy, stability of 3-axis MEMS gyro

PORTLAND, Ore. — STMicroelectronics has expanded its MEMS gyro product line with an analog three-axis device that will compete against recent entries into the expanding market.

ST (Geneva), which according to market researcher iSuppli is the top supplier of MEMS chips for consumer and mobile applications, claims its new gyro differs from competitors' in that its the first high-precision model. Its LYPR540AH gyro is said to combine fast response, high resolution and wide-ranging temperature stability for applications like gesture and motion recognition for smart phones, video game controllers and personal navigation systems.

STMicroelectronics' new analog three-axis MEMS gyro

Benedetto Vigna, general manager of ST's MEMS unit, said its analog gyro provides “360-degree angular-rate detection that fullfils all the requirements of the most demanding consumer electronic devices.”

Invensense (Sunnyvale, Calif.) announced its first three-axis MEMS gyroscope in October, a digital model that also houses a temperature sensor that enables OEMs to add external compensation circuitry for precision applications.

ST's three-axis design is said to offer inherent stability over a wider temperature range, eliminating the need for a temperature sensor.

It also includes two power modes: a sleep mode that consumes 20 microamps along with power-down mode that consumes just 5 microamps. The device also provides two independent outputs for each axis, up to 1,600 degrees-per-second accuracy for tracking very fast gestures and a 400 degree-per-second measurement for slower motions.

The LYPR540AH gyro measures 4.4 x 7.5 x 1.1 millimeters. The package sells for about $1 per axis in high volumes, the company said.

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