Standard Micro’s thermal IC’s address reliability and time-to-market issues

Hauppauge, NY — In response to customer challenges associated with overcoming heat dissipation and cooling system issues, Standard Microsystems Corp. (SMSC) has expanded its line of environmental monitoring and control (EMC) solutions.

To meet the challenges of space constraints and overall system accuracy, SMSC's EMC1002, EMC1023 and EMC1033 sensors break new ground through the company's proprietary anti-parallel diodes and ideality configuration technological advancements — both industry firsts, according to SMSC. The SMSC anti-parallel diodes maximize thermal coverage while minimizing device pin count from 10- to 8-pins – a 20% reduction. This is critical in helping with thermal and space challenged designs because it offers thermal monitoring of two temperature zones on two pins, as opposed to managing only one zone for two diode pins.

One of the more complex issues facing designers is the variance in substrate and discrete diode ideality factors, which make it difficult to measure temperature accurately. Through the company's ideality configuration feature, the EMC1002, EMC1023 and EMC1033 sensors are
able to compensate for these errors over the entire temperature range, as opposed to correcting the temperature reading at only one temperature point. As a result, SMSC can enable a more reliable, more accurate system.

Additionally, temperature measurement errors can also occur through resistance effects of the traces to the diodes, which are used to measure temperatures. This resistance can cause errors of up to 4°C. However, through SMSC's resistance error correction methodology, this error is erased through the ability to automatically cancel the resistance effects.

Placing an emphasis on value, the EMC1001 temperature sensor delivers one of the industry's smallest single SMBus packages with the capability of signaling two interrupts. This gives the engineer the flexibility to have both a host alert and a critical shutdown. The temperature sensor also has the added benefit of acting as a straightforward controller for two fans. This is important for applications that only need an inexpensive solution for turning the fans on and off.

Samples of the EMC1001 are available now for 65 cents per unit. Samples of the EMC1002, EMC1023 and EMC1033, priced at 90 cents, $1.10, and $1.10, respectively, will be offered this month.

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