Startup claims short-range gigabit wireless at 60-GHz

LONDON — Radiospire Networks Inc. (Hudson, Mass.) has claimed to have demonstrated wireless data transmission at 1.6-Gbit per second using a carrier at 60-GHz. The company used a silicon-germanium millimeter wave radio supplied by IBM along with its own AirHook baseband chip.

Radiospire, a fabless semiconductor company, did not state who had received the demonstration or where it was conducted. Radiospire said it used an uncompressed high definition video stream as its test signal. The company did not say over what distance the signal was transmitted. It is also not clear whether AirHook is single-chip solution or a multi-chip solution.

Radiospire's AirHook technology is suitable for multimedia downloads for mobile phones, wireless docking systems for PCs and for wireless gigabit Ethernet. The AirHook chipset is radio-spectrum agnostic and designed to operate in any broadband radio channel, including the unlicensed 3.1 to 10.6-GHz and 57 to 66-GHz parts of the spectrum.

The company said the “AirHook chipset” is available for integration into cable replacement dongles, HDTVs, DVD players, game consoles and other consumer electronics products. The company did not disclose what foundry it is using for manufacture of its chips or what process technology is used to manufacture them.

Research for multi-gigabit wireless connectivity is supported by academic and industry initiatives such as the IEEE 802.15.3c standards body, the WirelessHD special interest group and ECMA International's TC32-TG20 task group.

“With its abundant, unlicensed bandwidth and worldwide overlap, the 60-GHz spectrum holds significant promise in enabling wireless connectivity for a growing number of high data rate applications,” said Jim Rogers, analog and mixed-signal product manager, IBM System & Technology Group, in a statement issued by Radiospire. “This demonstration with Radiospire shows by combining the lower costs and smaller form factor of our silicon germanium millimeter wave ICs, with AirHook's spectrum-agnostic baseband processors, we're one step closer to making multi-Gbps wireless a reality for a host of high-demand business and consumer applications.”

Paul Powers is CEO of Radiospire.

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