Step-down converter delivers power savings to industrial equipment

Santa Clara, Calif. — Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. (AnalogicTech) has unveiled the AAT1160, a synchronous step-down DC/DC converter delivering up to a 3-A output from a 12-V input. Combining high-power efficiency levels and a very low quiescent current, the AAT1160 offers power savings in a variety of industrial applications, particularly backplane-based equipment, as well as portable systems running off two-cell Lithium-ion batteries.

The AAT1160 is said to deliver significant power savings to tightly packed rack-mounted, backplane-based systems such as telecommunications switches, cellular base stations and server farms by leveraging AnalogicTech's proprietary ModularBCD process technology that minimizes quiescent current consumption and uses a synchronous design. Devices manufactured in ModularBCD are said to offer higher efficiency, smaller size and higher levels of integration than those fabricated in many other processes.

The AAT1160 current-mode, step-down DC/DC converter operates across a wide 4-V to 13.2-V input voltage range. It supplies a load current up to 3 A with a fixed or adjustable output voltage, which can be regulated to as low as 0.6 V.

The AAT1160 supports efficiency levels up to 96%. The device also consumes an industry-leading low 150 uA no-load quiescent current. The AAT1160 maintains high efficiency over the entire load range. The user can select to operate the device in a forced pulse width modulation (PWM) mode and synchronize the switching to an external signal to control switching noise. The 800-kHz switching frequency also minimizes total solution size by allowing the use of small external components.

A soft-start function limits input surge current and eliminates output voltage overshoot when the device is turned on. The AAT1160 also features short-circuit and over-temperature protection. Qualified across the -40°C to +85°C temperature range, the AAT1160 is available in a Pb-free, 16-pin, 3 x 4-mm TDFN package.

Pricing: $1.82 in quantities of 1,000.
Product information: AAT1160

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