Step-down DC/DC converter operates up to 150°C

Milpitas, Calif.—Linear Technology has announced the H-Grade version of the LT3481, a 34V (36V(MAX)), BurstMode, step-down switching regulator that maintains quiescent current under 50µA.

The “H” Grade version operates up to a junction temperature of 150°C, compared to the “E” and “I” Grade versions' 125°C maximum junction temperature. All electrical specifications are identical for the E, I and H. The H Grade parts are tested and guaranteed to the maximum junction temperature of 150°C. They are designed for automotive, industrial and harsh environment applications that are subject to high ambient temperatures.

The LT3481 operates within a VIN range of 3.3V to 34V(36VMAX), making them suitable for load dump or cold-crank conditions found in automotive applications. Its 3.2A internal switch delivers up to 2A of continuous output current to voltages as low as 1.25V. Its 50µA of quiescent current is suitable for “always on” applications such as automotive security systems, which require a very long battery life.

The LT3481HDD is available in a 10-lead 3mm x 3mm DFN package; the LT3481HMSE is available in a thermally enhanced MSOP-10 package.

Pricing: For both versions starts at $4.15 each for 1,000-piece quantities.
Availability: From stock.
Datasheet: Click here.

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