Stereo audio codec targets portable applications

San Jose, Calif. —Nuvoton Technology Corp. has introduced the WAU8822, a flexible, cost-effective stereo-audio codec for portable audio applications.

The newest member of Nuvoton's emPowerAudio family, the WAU8822 is designed to deliver high audio performance at battery-friendly power levels: 94dBA stereo D/A converter signal-to-noise (SNR), and 93dBA stereo A/D converter SNR. The codec also provides simplified microphone management circuitry, 900mW speaker drive capability, and flexible signal path and gain selection, all using only 6µA standby current.

The WAU8822 offers a widely used pin-out, allowing simple system upgrade without board redesign. For example, the ability to adjust power levels in critical functional sections, such as the A/D converter and D/A converter by writing to registers to reduce the current in these sections can be implemented in most cases without board changes. This allows the system designer to optimize performance and battery life under different conditions.

The device allows full read-back of data in its registers. The WAU8822 also incorporates a time-slot audio data transfer capability that enables multiple devices to be attached to a single bus.

The WAU8822 is supported by an evaluation system with a user-friendly graphical interface. The codec's performance meets critical portable-audio requirements, while the evaluation system speeds up time to market both in the development stage and during the release-to-manufacturing phase.

Pricing: $1.25 each in 25,000-unit quantities.
Availability: Sampling; production scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008.

Nuvoton Technology Corp.,

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