Stereo DAC with an integrated 2Vrms driver claims 112dB dynamic range

Designed for high-definition audiovisual products, the latest stereo DAC from ESS Technology (Fremont, California) claims to outperform 'all 3.3V powered D/A converters with 2Vrms drivers in the market.'

The ES9022 Sabre Premier Stereo DAC – a member of ESS' Vista family – combines ESS' Sabre eight-channel DAC with a 2Vrms op-amp driver to create what the company deems to be an 'ideal D/A converter' for line-level output applications such as Blu-ray players, CD/DVD players, set-top boxes, digital TVs and game consoles.

Using what it refers to as a patented Hyperstream architecture and 'Time Domain Jitter Eliminator' – the latter said to eliminate clock jitter commonly found in digital interconnect such as S/PDIF and HDMI – the ES9022 supports 24-bit conversion with up to 192kHz sampling rate and delivers jitter-free studio quality audio with 112dB of dynamic range.

The ES9022 has an integrated charge pump to generate the negative supply and can operate from a single 3.3V supply to drive a ground-referenced 2Vrms output. The result is the lowest system cost by eliminating the need for an output op-amp filter, DC-blocking capacitors, a mute circuit or multi-rail power supplies. In addition, the ES9022 output level is adjustable via an external resistor, allowing custom output levels below 2Vrms. Pop-noise is eliminated through comprehensive suppression on power up/down, mute and reset.

Robert Wong, vice-president of marketing and worldwide sales for ESS Technology, said, “The ES9022 Sabre Premier DAC is the highest performance product of its class at 2Vrms line level with a single 3.3V power supply. With bill of materials reduced to just a few passive components externally, audiophile sound and quality are now accessible and affordable to consumers.”

The ES9022 is sampling in a 16-SOP package and priced at $0.98 in quantities of 10,000.

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