STMicroelectronics : Power MOSFETs are designed for lighting ballasts

STMicroelectronics has further increased the ruggedness, switching performance and efficiency of power MOSFETs for lighting ballasts, where they are used in the PFC and Half Bridge sections, as well as in switching power supplies. The use of innovative SuperMESH3 technology with lower on-resistance guarantees that higher efficiency is obtained. Additionally, due to their superior dv/dt performance and higher breakdown-voltage margin, these new devices will provide enhanced reliability and safety.

The first SuperMESH3 devices introduced are the 620V STx6N62K3, which will be followed by the STx3N62K3, also at 620V, as well as the 525V STx7N52K3 and STx6N52K3. The savings in on-resistance enabled by SuperMESH3 reduce RDS(on) in DPAK packages to 1.28 Ohms in the STD6N62K3 at 620V and 0.98 Ohms in the STD7N52K3 at 525V boosting operating efficiency in applications such as low-energy lamp ballasts. The new technology also reduces reverse-recovery time (Trr), gate charge, and intrinsic capacitance, leading to improved switching performance and enabling higher operating frequencies.

As a further advantage of ST’s SuperMESH3 technology, which combines strip topology with an optimized vertical structure, the new devices also exhibit one of the best-in-class dv/dt behaviors. This translates into increased reliability and safety in lighting and other consumer electrical applications. All SuperMESH3 devices are 100% avalanche tested, and also incorporate zener protection to deliver all-round robust performance.

By achieving the lowest on-resistance per area among comparable high-voltage, fast-recovery technologies, SuperMESH3 allows the STx6N62K3, STx7N52K3, STx3N62K3 and STx6N52K3 to use smaller packages such as DPAK, than similarly rated alternatives. This saves footprint and board size, yet matches the switching and thermal performance of physically larger devices.

The STx6N62K3 is available in IPAK, DPAK, TO-220, and TO-220FP packages, priced from $0.62 for 1000 pieces.

The STx3N62K3 at 2.5 Ohms will be available in IPAK, DPAK, D2PAK, TO-220 and TO-220FP packages. The STx7N52K3 at 0.98 Ohms will be introduced in DPAK, D2PAK, TO-220, and TO-220FP packages and the STx6N52K3 at 1.2 Ohms will be available in DPAK and TO-220FP packages. These lines will enrich the 620 and 520V portfolio of SuperMESH3 products, which will be in volume production by Q4 2008.

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