STMicroelectronics unveils 3-axis digital gyroscope MEMS

PARIS — STMicroelectronics unveils a 3-axis digital gyroscope based on a single sensing structure for motion measurement along all three orthogonal axes.

This innovative design approach significantly increases accuracy and reliability in motion-controlled consumer applications, paving the way to previously unseen levels of realism, says the manufacturer.

Whereas existing 3-axis gyroscope solutions rely on two or three independent sensing structures, even if mounted on the same silicon substrate, ST's breakthrough concept of sensing all three axes with a single driving mass eliminates any interference between the axes that inherently affects and degrades the output signal.

Furthermore, the innovative architecture has allowed ST engineers to house the sensor and the ASIC interface inside a 4x4x1mm package.

The L3G4200D digital gyroscope offers a wide set of user-programmable full-scale ranges from ±250 degree per second (dps) up to ±2000 dps, with the low full-scale values for high accuracy of slow-motion sensing and the high range to detect and measure very fast gestures and movements.

The device provides a 16-bit data output, together with additional embedded digital features, such as configurable low- and high-pass filters, and boasts excellent output stability over time and temperature.

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