STMicroelectronics, Veredus Labs unveil lab-on-chip for fast flu detection

Geneva, Switzerland — Veredus Laboratories and STMicroelectronics have announced the commercial availability of VereFlu, a portable lab-on-chip application for fast detection of all major influenza types at the point of need. The new test combines STMicroelectronics' In-Check lab-on-chip platform with the Veredus bio-application capability.

Unlike existing diagnostic methods, VereFlu is a molecular diagnostic test that can detect infection with high accuracy and sensitivity within two hours, providing genetic information about the infection that traditionally would take days to weeks to learn, according to the companies. In addition, with its high level of automation, users outside the traditional lab environment can easily perform the tests at the point of need.

VereFlu is said to be the market's first test that has integrated two molecular biological applications in a lab-on-chip the size of a fingernail. It can identify and differentiate human strains of Influenza A and B viruses, including the Avian Flu strain H5N1, in a single test.

ST's In-Check platform allows users to process and analyze minute patient samples — human blood, serum or respiratory swabs — on a single disposable thumbnail-sized chip. This approach reduces the time and complexity, as well as the risk of cross-contamination inherent in conventional analysis methods, said STMicro.

STMicroelectronics and Veredus Laboratories have set up a joint lab, Bio-Application Lab in Singapore, where experts from both companies will work together on the development of new biomedical applications based on ST's In-Check lab-on-chip platform. Future application areas include other infectious diseases, oncology and heart-disease markers.

Product information: Lab-on-Chip and In-Check Platform technology

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