Streamweaver Launches First Multi-Angle Split Screen Mobile Video App

Record Together with Friends to Create Multi-Perspective Synchronized Video

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 26, 2012

NASHVILLE, Tenn. , Sept. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Streamweaver today launched its multi-angle mobile video app for consumers to record together with friends and see everyone's perspective in split-screen video. Available in the U.S. for free on the iPhone and iPod touch, consumers can now, for the first time on mobile, invite friends to jointly video everyday moments – surprise party, touchdown, street performance, skateboard trick – and then watch all angles simultaneously on a single split-screen video. 

“We call it split-screen synchronicity and we deliver it in a beautiful mobile video app that is social from the moment you tap record,” said Erik Carlson , CEO and co-founder of Streamweaver. “We all have different perspectives of any given event. With Streamweaver, we set out to connect perspectives and give consumers the thrill of seeing what they did not see – the other sides of the story – all in sync with their own.”

While mobile video today has made it easy to capture and share videos, the social element has been limited to video sharing. Streamweaver adds a new dimension to the experience: social recording . Consumers can connect with friends through the app, invite them to record together wherever they are, and see their status while recording. Consumers can always record solo, but if they want to record with friends, Streamweaver gives them control over whom they record with and how they share.

Streamweaver also breaks away from today's mobile video apps by delivering split-screen viewing experiences. After friends record and upload their videos through the app, Streamweaver combines them into a single split-screen video that plays all perspectives, uncut and synchronized, at the same time and on the same screen. While this viewing experience is common in TV, film, and advertising, Streamweaver is the first to bring it to mobile video. 

In this first release of Streamweaver, consumers will experience a truly social mobile video app that gives them the power to capture and share life's moments from multiple angles. Features include:

  • Intuitive interface – beautifully designed interface is clean, crisp, and modern
  • Connect with friends – link up through Facebook, contacts, or search
  • Record together, even if apart – up to four friends can record together, whether nearby or far apart; each friend's 60 seconds of record time need to partially overlap
  • You're in control – invite specific friends to record with you and see their avatars and recording status in a heads-up-display while you're recording
  • Easy upload – upload to the Cloud over Wifi or your carrier network
  • Split screen synchronization – uploaded videos are automatically combined, synchronized, and produced without any editing or effort required
  • Share how you want – connected friends can see and comment on each other's videos in the app , but you can also share what you want through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email
  • Bigger screen – you can also watch your split-screen videos at

Streamweaver has seed funding from Tennessee Community Ventures Fund and Mountain Group Capital two Nashville -based venture firms.

To experience the split-screen multi-angle videos that are possible through Streamweaver, click here for a highlight reel of recent videos made with the app. 

The Streamweaver app is now available for free to U.S. iPhone and iPod touch consumers at the App Store. Additional information can be found at

About Streamweaver
Streamweaver is a software company with a vision to connect perspectives through unique video experiences. The company's first product is a multi-angle mobile video app that connects you with your friends, wherever they are, so you can record simultaneously and then see what you made together as a split-screen video. Located in Nashville, Tenn. , Streamweaver is funded by Tennessee -based venture funds. 


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