Summit Micro claims smallest programmable 500mA battery charger with SMB239

SAN FRANCISCO—Summit Microelectronics Monday (April 6) introduced the SMB239, described by the company as the industry's smallest charger IC and solution, enabling slimmer industrial designs for portable consumer electronics.

According to Summit (Sunnyvale, Calif.), the SMB239's battery charging parameters are fully programmable via the I2C interface and non-volatile memory. The device also incorporates safety features, boosting system reliability and protection and eliminating the need for expensive, external safety components, according to the company.

The SMB239 comprises an integrated, 500mA linear charging solution that utilizes a programmable algorithm for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer cells, Summit said. The default configuration in non-volatile memory allows the same product to be used in different system designs and/or with different battery types and technologies, the company said.

The SMB239 is offered in a 2.1mm x 1.3mm CSP package and requires two small external chip capacitors for a complete battery charging system design, according to Summit. The SMB239's chip-scale package allows the integration of a higher number of features, including critical charging protection functionality, the company said. The device also eliminates the need for multiple external components necessary for setting charging parameters, Summit said.

Safety features incorporated within the SMB239 include input and battery over-voltage protection and blocking (+10V), current limit, chip and battery thermal protection, safety timers, battery missing detection and a variety of status and fault registers, Summit said.

The SMB239 is available now in production quantities, priced at $0.81 each in quantities of 10,000 units, according to Summit.

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