SunView Software Announces ChangeGear® MSP Edition to Provide Robust ITSM Automation for Managed Service Providers

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TAMPA, Fla., March 1, 2012

TAMPA, Fla. , March 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SunView Software Inc., a leading provider of IT service management software, today announced the availability of ChangeGear MSP Edition. This release is aimed at the unique needs of the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry.

Organizationally, MSPs face a unique set of demands in addition to those that are common to any IT organization – internal or external. Most notably is the near constant threat of customer churn as well as the need for persistent initiatives aimed at scaling the business properly. Given these challenges, today's modern MSP must find a way to increase profitability, expand the business, and improve customer satisfaction.  This can only be accomplished through dedicated initiatives that improve efficiency through automation – something at the core of ChangeGear MSP Edition.

“As a Managed Service Provider, the flexibility, as well as the automation enhancements provided by SunView Software's ChangeGear has allowed us to provide a customized experience based on each customer's products. The interface is simple to use for the customer and provides us with the detailed control of information required on our side,” said Brian Freeman , Project Engineer GoIWx.

With ChangeGear, MSPs can build efficiencies by automating critical service management processes like incident management, change management, service catalog, and asset management. From there, ChangeGear's combination of service request automation and sophisticated SLA management delivers MSPs significant enhancements with regard to supporting a wide customer base. The automated network discovery capabilities of ChangeGear streamlines the onboarding process of new customers and ensures an accurate account of assets under management. Furthermore, the multi-tenant capabilities of ChangeGear enables MSPs to easily manage multiple customers in one instance, providing each customer a personalized web-based self-service portal for requesting services and interacting with MSP directly.

“ChangeGear has already proved to be an essential tool for MSP organizations looking to provide IT Service Management in an extremely competitive marketplace. With ChangeGear MSP Edition, we are helping MSPs optimize the performance of their staff based on IT best practices. This allows them to scale their business properly, and reach new levels of profitability,” said John Prestridge , Vice President of Marketing and Products, SunView Software.

About SunView Software:

SunView Software is a leading provider of IT service management software that enables companies to better track, manage, and control IT services across the enterprise. Based on the ITIL best practices framework, ChangeGear allows companies to gain greater visibility into their IT infrastructure, increase security, eliminate system downtime, reduce operational costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

SunView Software is a privately held company based in Tampa, Florida .

Visit to test drive ChangeGear or view a product demo.

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