Supercharge PDFs on Tablets via Uberflip’s HTML5 $29.95 Answer

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TORONTO, March 21, 2012

“Mygazines” becomes Uberflip, redefining its digital publishing solution
as an affordable inbound marketing and communications tool.

TORONTO , March 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Uberflip (formerly “Mygazines”)
announced today the roll-out of a completely redesigned service and
pricing structure. Uberflip's HTML5 solution seamlessly converts PDFs
into stunning interactive publications that are device-ready for
tablets, smartphones, and desktops from only $29.95 per month.

“Marketers, for example, are spending thousands of dollars to convert
their content into mobile apps. They can now make their PDFs instantly
available with a device agnostic format for only $29.95 per month,
after a no risk 60-day free trial,” said CEO  Yoav Schwartz . “The idea
is to put this powerful cloud solution in the hands of every
corporation, firm, agency, publisher – really anyone.”

Within minutes, clients are able to upload a PDF, enhance it, and make
it instantly available on tablets and other devices. The result is a
digital publication that is more engaging, accessible, and trackable
than the PDF format it originated in. Audiences access a company
branded URL for the document; Uberflip recognizes the device and shows
an optimized interface using HTML5 technology on mobile devices such as
iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android-based smartphones and tablets.

To stress that its solution is truly for any company Schwartz decided
the company would drop the 'Mygazines' name in favour of a name with
more diverse appeal. “We chose the name Uberflip because we offer the
best solution to help any company offer a flip book experience to their
audience. We've become a popular solution not only for traditional
media publishing content like magazines, but also any business looking
to convert training materials, catalogs, flyers, reports, whitepapers,
and other types of documents,” explained Schwartz.

The rebrand of Uberflip is yet another example of how the proliferation
of tablets and smartphones has forced businesses to rethink their
marketing communications strategies and adapt to an age of digital
conversion. Uberflip offers the first cloud-based PDF conversion
service at $29.95 that can adequately meet the needs of companies of
all shapes and sizes.

About Uberflip
Uberflip (, formerly Mygazines, makes it easy to enhance, distribute and track
PDF content on tablets and other devices. Within minutes, documents are
converted into page-turning experiences where links, video and social
media integration are just the beginning. The Uberflip Application
allows marketers, publishers and other content creators to meet all
distribution, security, monetizing and tracking requirements for their
content. Uberflip's solutions help companies save costs and make money
through new marketing channels.

Clients and partners include Thompson Reuters, Dupont, Research in
Motion, Grant Thornton , Minden Gross LLP, HP and Cornell University .

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