Supercharged WiMAX power amplifier

SiGe Semiconductor has released a 2.5GHz high-power WiMAX amplifier that exceeds the spectral mask requirements outlined in IEEE 802.16e and WiMAX Forum specifications. Designed to suit battery-powered performance available whilst still meeting worldwide spectral mask requirements.

According to SiGe, existing mobile WiMAX PAs often needed an increase in supply voltage in order to achieve higher output power. The approach required additional voltage regulation, which, in turn, increased applications such as USB accessories and PC cards, the SE7262L is said to offer more than 20% efficiency at +25.5 dBm output power while operating at 3.3V – the highest power consumption and cost to the system bill of materials. In contrast, the SE7262L doesn't need additional circuitry and voltage regulation. Other features include an on-chip power detector, step attenuator, harmonic filter, and it is fully input and output matched.

The SE7262L comes in a 4 x 4 x 0.9mm package and operates across the -40 to +85C temperature range. It is already sampling and evaluation boards are being made available to qualified customers.

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