Supervisory circuit eliminates external devices

Unterpremstaetten, Austria — The AS1923 quad voltage microprocessor supervisory IC from austriamicrosystems monitors up to four system supply voltages without the need for external components, and asserts a single reset if any of the monitored supply voltages drops below its reset threshold.

The AS1923 operates from +1.0 V to +5.5 V, while consuming only 55 uA of supply current. Factory-trimmed voltage threshold options are available for monitoring +5.0, +3.3, +3.0, +2.5, +1.8, and -5.0-V supplies with -5% and/or -10% tolerances.

The AS1923 is also available with one or two user-adjustable threshold options (via external resistor-divider network) if non-standard voltage thresholds are required. The internally trimmed thresholds and the two reset output options minimize the need for external components. The open-drain output can be overdriven by external voltages ranging from 0 V to +5.5 V to provide easy interfacing to other devices.

The AS1923 features an active-low reset output that is asserted when any of the four monitored voltages are below their respective reset threshold. The reset output is available as open-drain (AS1923A) or 10 uA Current Source Pullup (AS1923B). Reset remains low for a specified reset timeout period (120 ms min) after all voltages have stabilized. The output is valid as long as the IN1 or IN2 input voltage remains above 1 V.

The devices are available in a 6-pin SOT23 package, and are suitable for operating environments ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

Pricing: $ 1.48 each in quantities of 1,000
Product information: AS1923

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