Switches boast fast switching time

Raleigh, N.C. — Austriamicrosystems' first family of high-performance analog switches are said to offer a 40 percent switching time improvement over competing devices, while maintaining low on-resistance flatness and channel matching.

Via an improved bandwidth of 130 MHz, the high-speed, dual, single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switches offer a wide supply voltage range of 1.6 V to 3.6 V. All digital logic inputs are 1.8-V CMOS compatible.

The combination of very low power consumption, on resistance R(ON) and fast switching speed makes these devices suited for portable battery powered applications and allows for switching of currents up to 250 mA, the company said. The power routing performance enabled by the low R(ON) of only 0.8 Ω also makes these switches a good match for low-Ohm speakers and headsets.

Applications include high-speed switching of audio, video and data signals in portable devices like mobile phones, MP3, CD/DVD and video players, digital cameras, PDAs and handhelds.

The first series of high performance analog switches is available as two normally open (AS1741), two normally closed (AS1742) and a combination of one open and one closed switch (AS1743).

The AS1741, AS1742 and AS1743 are available in an 8-pin MSOP and are said to be drop-in replacements for MAX4741, MAX4742 and MAX4732.

Pricing is 85 cents per unit in 1,000-piece quantities. Click here for the data sheets.

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