Switches offer low capacitance

Wilmington, Mass. — Analog Devices, Inc.'s ADG1233 and ADG1234 single-pole double-throw (spdt) switches operate with ±12-V or ±15-V supplies to deliver low capacitance and charge injection.

The ADG1233 and ADG1234 devices were designed to meet a need among industrial design engineers for analog switches that allow increased data acquisition speeds. The ADG1233 and ADG1234 ICs satisfy this requirement by offering extremely low capacitance and charge injection. Their low capacitance and low charge injection cause smaller glitches and lower offset voltages, enabling faster sampling and increased performance in data-acquisition systems and video signal routers.

Manufactured using ADI's proprietary iCMOS (industrial CMOS) process technology, the ADG1233 and ADG1234 switches provide low off-capacitance (1.5 pF) and charge injection (<1 pC), making them suitable for fast data-acquisition and sample-and-hold applications that require low glitch and fast settling. The switches fast on/off switching speed (120/40 ns) and wide –3-dB bandwidth (900 MHz) make them well suited for video switching, although external video buffers may be required. The switches features 120-ohm on-resistance, 3.5-ohm channel-to-channel match, and 20-ohm variation over the 0-to-VDD signal range.

The ADG1233 triple SPDT switch comes in 16-lead TSSOP and 4 4-mm LFCSP. The ADG1234 quad SPDT switch is offered in 20-lead TSSOP and 4 4-mm LFCSP. These small packages enable a 77 percent reduction in board space compared to existing solutions, the company said. The ultra-low power dissipation (<0.03 microwatts) enabled by the iCMOS process technology is said to make these devices suited for portable and battery-powered instrumentation equipment. Both devices are offered over the extended industrial temperature range (–40 degrees C to +125 degrees C).

The ADG1233 and ADG1234 monolithic analog switches are available in production now and priced at $3.95 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities. Click here for a data sheet.

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