Switches tout improved density

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Supertex Inc. rolled out two new low charge injection, 16-channel, 200-V analog switch ICs that tout improved density and performance.

Both ICs are suited for applications that require high-voltage switching controlled by low voltage signals, such as in medical ultrasound imaging and nondestructive metal flaw detection.

The ICs feature very low quiescent current of 10 μA, which results in better operating efficiency, said Ahmed Masood, Supertex’s director of marketing.

Other features include 22 Ω switch resistance that minimizes return signal attenuation, serial shift register control to reduce I/O connections, and up to 200-V operating voltage for higher transmit voltages providing deeper body tissue imaging capability, Masood said.

The HV2701 switch includes integrated bleed resistors that minimize noise and reduce capacitive coupling, according to Masood.

“Supertex’s new 16-channel HV2601 and HV2701 enable system manufacturers to integrate greater channel density into a much smaller space,” Masood said.

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The HV2601 and the HV2701 are available in 48 lead-TQFP packages (HV2601FG-G and HV2701FG-G). All parts are Green and RoHS compliant. Samples are available from stock.

Pricing is $23.50 each for the HV2601FG-G and $24.35 for the HV2701FG-G, both in 1K quantities. Click here for the HV2601 data sheet. Click here for the HV2701 data sheet.

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