Switching regulators offer high efficiency in small packages

Worcester, Mass. — Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has introduced a family of high efficiency switching regulators with high operating frequencies. This SI-8000 series of DC/DC step-down converters targets portable and office automation markets.

The SI-8000T (1.5 A) and SI-8000F (3.5 A) series offer reduced die sizes, between 62% and 84% of the previous generation for the same current levels. The reduction of die size also improves IC response speed making higher oscillation frequencies attainable. The SI-8000H provides a 5.5 A output current.

By connecting an open collector transistor, the user is able to set an ON/OFF control for output voltage. Many of these devices offer a soft-start option that is set by an external capacitor at pin 5.

All devices within this series provide under-voltage lock out (UVLO) protection to avoid abnormal IC operation when the input voltage is less than the minimum operating level. Auto-regression OCP and OTP protection is also built-in. The SI-8000T/F operates at 300 kHz, the SI-8000H at 150 kHz, the SI-8000J at 125 kHz, and the SI-8000S at 60 kHz.

Pricing: $0.66 to $1.37 in quantities of 1,000
Availability: 12 week typical lead time
Product information: SI-8000T,
SI-8000F, and SI-8000H

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. , 1-508-853-5000,

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