Syfer : RF filters are based on LTCC technology

Now available from UK passive component manufacturer, Syfer Technology, is a range of SMD low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and band-stop filters for frequencies up to 6GHz. Designed to meet increased integration demands in the burgeoning RF and microwave sectors for wireless communications systems, these filters offer significant performance, space and cost advantages. They are also finding increasing application in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Based on LTCC technology (low temperature co-fired ceramic), these complex passive RF and microwave components are manufactured as single chips. The technique is a three-dimensional development of the standard process for ceramic capacitors, retaining all the advantages of low cost, high reliability and good temperature performance.

Syfer’s devices are based on a glass ceramic composite comprising several printed 50µm layers which are then fired in a single process. Contact is made between layers using conducting vias to create inductors. In this way, it is possible to produce capacitive, inductive and stripline elements with ground planes and stripline interconnects.

Performance is enhanced using the stripline construction as interconnections are less dispersive, less lossy and the discontinuities within the filter are less severe. A firing temperature below 900°C allows silver conductor material to be used, offering the best possible electrical conductivity and thus the highest Q. High thermal conductivity maintains power handling. Smaller devices operate at higher frequencies, and ensure improved electrical and mechanical tolerances to give higher reliability.

Costs are saved by using these integrated passives through reduced component cost, assembly time and circuit dimensions. These devices also eliminate the need to design discrete element filters, traditionally a complex process effected in-house.

Syfer combines specialised microwave design capability with the specific ceramic SMD manufacturing expertise necessary to produce integrated microwave components such as filters, baluns and couplers. It addition, the company offers turnkey services from design through prototyping to volume manufacture for both general and customer-specific applications. Syfer’s advanced 3D modelling software provides the most accurate designs in the shortest time with the minimum number of design iterations.

A wide range of RoHS compliant standard low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and band-stop filter designs are available in production volumes on 10 to 12 week delivery. Some custom designs are also available. Prices and further technical specifications are available on application.

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