System clock generator tailored for system level clocking solutions

Santa Clara, CA, PMC-Sierra introduced the CM5470 system clock generator, the latest addition to its family of Advanced Clock Management (CLK) products. The highly integrated CM5470 device, designed for direct compatibility with PMC-Sierra's 200 to 900 MHz RM7000 and RM5200 MIPS-based product families, is optimized for MIPS-based printer and consumer applications. The CM5470 device provides a single-chip clocking solution to drive all of the components commonly implemented alongside MIPS processors, including CPU clocks, USB, LAN, PCI, and RAM clocks.

The CM5470 device provides tailored combinations of frequencies and I/O types required in MIPS-based printer and consumer platforms. The CM5470 device provides CPU, RAM, PCI, USB, and LAN reference clocks. In addition, the device includes optional Spread Spectrum modulation to aide designers in meeting system radiation requirements. PMC-Sierra has evaluation platforms and reference boards to ensure testing and compatibility of PMC-Sierra CLK solutions within a system environment.

The System Clock Generator provides multiple frequencies and I/O types to address targeted MIPS-based applications. Flexible Clock Generators deliver multiple copies of an identical frequency, and offer clocking for a broad set of applications. Both generator categories provide integrated Spread Spectrum Modulation for EMI reduction. The Low-Skew Buffer enables buffering of outputs for applications that requires more copies of signals than are provided by the generator devices.

The CLK products are compatible with PMC-Sierra's MIPS-based microprocessors, the 250 to 900 MHz RM7000 and RM5200 product families, as well as the 1GHz RM9000 product family.

PMC-Sierra's CM5470 device is priced at $1.75 in 10KU and is currently sampling. Lead-free packaging is available for all CLK products to support the “Green” electronic initiatives. The CM5470 is available in a 56-pin TSSOP and 6.1x14mm package. The device is low power, 0.18 CMOS and rated for commercial temperature range operation (0 to +70 degrees Celsius).

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