Tanaza Introduces Affordable WiFi Network Management with Innovative Cloud Control Service

Small Businesses, System Integrators and Managed Solutions Providers Can Manage SSIDs and Passwords Effectively and Securely

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MILAN, July 19, 2012

MILAN , July 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Tanaza is on a mission to make networking easy for system integrators and small businesses.

Tanaza announced the release of Cloud Control 1.7.0 today, allowing for remote management of an expanded list of WiFi access points.

“WiFi access has added so much to our business and personal lives. Yet for many organizations and companies, managing the access points to make this possible is still time-consuming and expensive. We are on a mission to fix that using cloud technologies,” said Sebastiano Bertani , CEO of Tanaza,

Tanaza provides centralized management of WiFi Access Points, without any additional expensive dedicated hardware controllers. There is no need to upgrade or replace existing WiFi access points. With Multi-vendor support, Tanaza can manage existing equipment and simplify management. The Tanaza Cloud Controller can reach Access Points through an agent, smoothly installed onto a laptop or server within the user's Local Area Network (LAN).

Through a web-based dashboard, system integrators can now easily perform tasks such as:

  • Configure SSID settings of many Access Points with one click;
  • Provide WiFi access to our visitors by adding a temporary SSID to all access points with just one click;
  • Enjoy a simple centralized web user interface;
  • Monitor and configure access points, also remotely;
  • Create multiple SSIDs, such as public and employees, with different security settings.

Tanaza has partnered with industry leaders Google and Amazon to deliver a scalable, reliable and secure solution.

For a free account and unlimited service for two Access Points, go to

“Tanaza Cloud Controller allows you to configure and monitor virtually any WiFi Access Point model, thanks to our compatible technology: once you apply a configuration to an Access Point, Tanaza automatically translates the configuration into the language of the specific model and translates it to the device,” said Bertani.

IT managers and Small Businesses can finally have enterprise level WiFi management, at a fraction of the cost.

Tanaza's solution is compatible with a large variety of industry-standard devices from Netgear, Ubiquiti, D-Link and TP-LINK.

“Tanaza 1.7.0 offers a new advancement in cloud management of access points,” stated Bertani. It adds the compatibility of four new Ubiquiti models to the portfolio: NanoStation2, PicoStation2, NanoStationM2, NanoStation Loco M2. Three TP-Link models have also been added: WA5110G, WA501G, WA501G. These devices can now be added and configured through Tanaza's centralized web interface.

“In response to requests from our users, we added Tanaza firmware for Ubiquiti to our roadmap. This will allow users to enjoy remote and centralized control of UniFi, NS2, NSM2, LOCO, and PS2 without requiring installation of a Tanaza Agent on a host at the customer premise,” said Bertani.

If you are interested in receiving the Tanaza firmware to cloud control Unifi and other devices, email .

About Tanaza
Tanaza is a high-tech startup that provides a centralized (cloud-based) service to manage WiFi Access Points. Their innovative approach eliminates the need for an expensive, dedicated hardware controller. The company aims to provide its customers (IT managers in Small Businesses and Systems Integrators) with enterprise-level performance, at a fraction of the cost.


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