TantaComm Launches Evaluate, an Expansive Quality Monitoring Tool Designed to Improve Performance Management at BPOs

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MIDDLETON, Wis., June 25, 2012

MIDDLETON, Wis. , June 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — TantaComm, an industry-leading provider of interaction recording, call compliance, and quality management solutions, recently launched TantaComm Evaluate, the performance management component of the company's IQ product portfolio.  TantaComm Evaluate provides robust functionality to help BPOs measure the effectiveness of their call center operations and business processes.

“The launch of TantaComm Evaluate serves as an additional layer to Capture, our foundational interaction recording platform,” stated Ruben Moffett , Chief Operating Officer.  “Evaluate builds upon functionality previously provided by TantaComm, but delivers advanced features and benefits through a sleek user interface designed around operational users.  Quality Monitoring is a critical business function to high performing call centers.  Our solution is robust yet easy to use and administer.  Keeping it simple while meeting the diverse needs of outsourced call centers was the challenge and I believe that our technology team delivered an excellent solution.” 

TantaComm Evaluate offers a wide array of functionality, including:

  • Create, modify, and re-use existing customized quality monitoring evaluation forms without involving a professional services team resulting in lower administrative investment
  • Document, track, and report  on agent performance for improved performance management and training opportunities
  • Validate and manage Evaluator behavior to ensure consistency and accuracy across performance management practice
  • Capture additional data points related to key call volume trends and customer insight for improved customer service

Evaluate is the third product launched as part of the organization's IQ product suite.  Previously, the company launched TantaComm Capture, an evolution of the company's existing call recording software, and TantaComm Protect, a suite of solutions designed to ensure the integrity and security of recorded interactions and to enable BPOs to meet the 12 PCI-DSS requirements.

To learn more about TantaComm Evaluate, visit or email   to schedule a live demo.

About TantaComm

TantaComm is globally recognized as the premier provider of compliance recording and quality management solutions for Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs).  TantaComm has an 18-year history of success minimizing risk, enhancing the customer experience, improving quality performance, and streamlining service delivery and administration.  The company serves many of the world's largest BPOs with implementations on every continent.  For more information, visit

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