TAOS light-to-voltage converters come in 4-pin TMB surface-mount package

Plano, Texas — Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, Inc. (TAOS) is offering two of its light-to-voltage converters in a new package — a 4-pin transfer-molded board (TMB) surface-mount package.

In June, TAOS rolled the TSL12 and TSL13 light-to-voltage converters out in a 3-pin side-looker package

The 4-pin surface-mount package measures 1.35mm (high) x 2.6mm (wide) x 3.8 mm (length). It is the smallest TAOS package that can accommodate its light-to-voltage converters.

The new design will enable designers to include the TSL12 and the TSL13 into high-volume light sensing applications in which low-profile and cost sensitivity are especially critical issues. Applications such as cellular telephones, printers and biometric fingerprint sensors can now realize the benefits of an integrated optoelectronic solution — lower noise, increased reliability, reduced board space, reduced design complexity and cycle time and reduced inventory — at price points for a discrete solution, according to TAOS.

The TSL12 and TSL13 light-to-voltage converters are available now in a 4-pin TMB (T) surface-mount package, as well as the 3-pin side-looker package. Pricing is 65 cents each for the TSL12 and TSL13 devices in a 4-pin T package, and 59 cents each in the 3-pin version, in 1,000-piece quantities.

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