Tektronix : Arbitrary-function generator offers 40 V peak-to-peak amplitude

The AFG3011 arbitrary/function generator is the latest addition to the Tektronix AFG3000 Series of signal sources for design, test, and manufacturing engineers.

While the vast majority of arbitrary/function generators provide a maximum of 10 V p-p amplitude into 50-ohm loads, a number of applications – particularly in automotive and power electronics design – require higher amplitudes. Frequency requirements in these applications are typically low, with the majority falling into a range of several kilohertz to single-digit megahertz. In the past, customers have used expensive external amplifiers to boost the amplitude provided by standard arbitrary/function generators or improvised the required tests with other means.

The new AFG3011 includes a high-amplitude output stage and delivers up to 20 V p-p into 50-ohm loads or 40 V p-p into a high impedance. Maximum frequency for sine waves is 10 MHz and for square and arbitrary waveforms up to 5 MHz. While most amplifiers do not feature an amplitude display, the AFG3011 shows the effective output amplitude directly on the instrument screen. This gives the user full confidence in the correct instrument settings and improves the amplitude accuracy without the need to measure the actual signal with a voltmeter.

The AFG3011 Arbitrary/Function Generator is a new addition to the AFG3000 Series. The series enables a broad range of customers in various industries and applications to stimulate, test and evaluate devices. Thanks to superior performance, versatility and ease of use, these units satisfy fundamental needs to minimise time spent for test setup and to evaluate devices swiftly and thoroughly.

The AFG3011 is being distributed in the UK by TTi Test Instrument distribution.

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