Tektronix offers clock recovery module

Beaverton, Ore.&#151Tektronix, Inc. and SyntheSys Research joined forces to create the 80A07 BERTScope CR clock recovery module for stressed or degraded signals.

Designed to make compliance testing of today's high-speed serial data designs more accurate, the 80A07 provides phase lock loop (PLL) bandwidth and roll-off shape control and the low intrinsic jitter for recovering clocks from stressed or degraded signals. The instrument covers data rates from 100 Mbits/s to 12.5 Gbits/s.

The 80A07 BERTScope CR is available now.

Suggested resale pricing is $40,500.

For more information and a data sheet, click here.

Tektronix Inc., 1-800-833-9200,

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