Telefunken doubles U.S. wafer fab capacity

LONDON – Analog, mixed-signal and power IC maker Telefunken Semiconductors International said it plans to expand its 200-mm wafer fab in Roseville, Calif., making it one of the largest foundry service companies in the U.S.

The first phase of expansion plan provides for a 100 percent increase in wafer processing capability to more than 220,000 wafers per year or 5.5 million mask layers per year. Telefunken did not indicate how much this doubling of manufacturing capacity would cost or how much more Telefunken is ready to spend on other phases of expansion. The first phase of expansion is expected to be completed by 3Q13. A second phase of expansion to take manufacturing to three times the present capacity is expected to complete by 4Q14.

The Roseville plant was orginally constructed by NEC before being passed to Renesas Electronics Corp. as part of Japan's restructuring of its chip manufacuting sector. Renesas sold the wafer fab to Telefunken in 2011 for approximately $50 million.

“The increased capacity is the result our recent acquisition of the state-of-the-art semiconductor equipment from factories in Japan,” said Roger Lee, CEO of Telefunken Semiconductors, in a statement. “The added tools will help us to satisfy the strong demand we are forecasting from our customers. This will move Telefunken Semiconductors into one of the top spots for specialty foundries in the Western world. Growing our capacity with advanced silicon processing tools and offering a comprehensive suite of strategic foundry services at a competitive cost is an important part of our overall corporate mission,” Lee added.

Aerial view of Telefunken's wafer fab at Roseville, Calif.

Although originally a German company Telefunken is now headquartered in Roseville, Calif., and manufactures on 200-mm diameter wafers there an on 6-inch wafers in a wafer fab in Heilbron, Germany.

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