Temperature sensors supplant thermistors

Chandler, Ariz. — Microchip Technology Inc. says these inexpensive, low power, tiny temperature sensors can be used in place of thermistors.

The MCP9700 and MCP9701 temperature sensors come in a small SC-70 package, offer typical power consumption of 6 μA, and cost 30 cents each.

The temperature sensors can be used in hundreds of embedded applications that require thermal protection, temperature measurement or thermal calibration. Applications include power supplies, office equipment, wireless handsets, GPS receivers, battery management, HVAC, industrial and automotive.

The device's power consumption is less than most of the thermal sensor ICs on the market, enabling longer battery life and reducing self-heating for better accuracy, according to the company.

The linear output slope of the MCP9701 is 19.53 mV per °C (the MCP9700 is 10 mV per °C), which allows for improved noise immunity and a higher temperature resolution for the system. The offset voltage and linear output slope eliminate the need for a negative supply when sensing negative temperature levels. Temperature error is ± 4°C (maximum) from 0°C to 70°C.

The MCP9700 and MCP9701 temperature sensors are available today. Pricing is 30 cents each in 1,000-piece quantities for either device in a 5-pin SC-70 package. Click here for the MCP9700/MCP9701 data sheet.

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