Temperature/voltage sensors are compliant with the SST bus

Hauppauge, NY&#8212SMSC's EMC1102 “hardware monitor” i.e., a dual temperature sensor; and the EMC1152, with two temperature sensors and five voltage monitoring channels, keep watch on Intel PC platforms containing a single-wire simple serial transport (SST) host.

“We are pleased that, in alignment with the introduction of our Intel 965 Express Chipset Family, SMSC has engineered and delivered a series of new SST-compatible sensors to meet the needs of innovative platforms throughout the PC industry,” said Steve Peterson, director of Chipset and Software marketing at Intel. “In this case, helping our customers quickly implement the Intel 2006 desktop architecture by providing SST-compliant devices was bolstered by our use of proprietary technology that boosts temperature sensing accuracy at advanced processor nodes,” said Mark Beadle, director of marketing for Environmental Monitoring and Control Products at SMSC.

As an external temperature monitor, the EMC1102 (a fixed address, discoverable device with up to nine programmable addresses) is accurate to &plusmn1&degC over +50 to +70°C; resolution is 0.125&degC. The sensor, which works from a 3 to 3.6-volt source, has as accuracy of &plusmn2&degC over +40 to +70&degC when working as an internal temperature monitor (operating temperature range is -40 to +125&degC).

The EMC1152 (fixed address, discoverable device with three programmable addresses), with identical temperature monitoring characteristics, is also configured to monitor the voltage on VCCP, and 2.5, 3.3-, 5- and 12-volt buses. Its voltage monitors are accurate to &plusmn2 percent.

Both hardware monitors feature resistance error correction, and beta compensation (-1 models), which adjusts for the beta in the 65 nm substrate transistor used as a thermal diode.

Click here for the EMC1102 datasheet, and
here for the EMC1152's. Production samples of both the EMC1102 and EMC1152 are available now. Pricing for each part is 90 cents and $1.20, respectively, in 10k quantities. The EMC1102 is available in an 8-pin MSOP, green, lead-free package and the EMC1152 is available in a 10-pin MSOP, green, lead-free package.

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