Temperature/voltage sensors fly with the SST

Norwood, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices' ADT748x
family of digital temperature and voltage sensors
are among the first for use in desktop computers and workstations that employ the fast Simple Serial Transport (SST) bus for high-performance applications.

“By supporting the SST bus, the ADT748x family
provides a sensor solution that relays information related to temperature and voltage directly to the core logic, and in real time,” said John Blake, product line director for Power and Thermal Management.
“Leveraging the speed and accuracy of the SST bus, ADI's digital temperature and voltage sensors take full advantage of Intel's next-generation chipset features, such as its Quiet Platform Technology, which reduces the number of discrete fan control components in the system, thereby lowering bill-of-material costs.”

The ADT748x devices, housed in a small package (8-pin or 10-pin MSOP) for easy placement in areas where space is at a premium, incorporate a 10-bit A/D to provide 1&degC accuracy and operate at speeds exceeding 1 Mbps. The ADT7484A and ADT7486A monitor their own temperature and one, or two, remote sensor diodes, respectively. The ADT7485A temperature sensor and voltage monitor can sense its own temperature, as well as that of a remote sensor diode. The ADT7485A can also monitor four external voltage channels and its own
supply voltage using its on-board 10-bit A/D. A single, bidirectional SST data line controls all the devices in the ADT748x family.

Click here for additional information on the ADT7484, here for the AD7885 and here for the ADT7486. The ADT748x family is sampling now. Volume production is scheduled for this month. The devices are priced at $1.50 each in 1,000-piece quantities. The ADT7484A is available in an
8-lead MSOP, and the ADT7485A and ADT7486A are available in 10-lead MSOP packaging.

The SST bus, developed by Analog Devices and Intel as the fastest, most rubust, noise-immune and scaleable interface available for communicating environmental data, relays key environmental information such as temperature and voltage to the core logic or dedicated ASIC fan-speed controllers, improving reliability and performance in PCs, servers and workstations. Its claimed accuracy is one (bit) error in a billion.

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