Tempus-Rex mobile time-capture application for lawyers captures previously unbilled time, recovers lost revenue

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MONTREAL, June 21, 2011

Lawyers are prompted to capture essential billing information on the fly

MONTREAL , June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – A new mobile application to help lawyers
in solo and small practices capture the millions of dollars of billable
time that go unrecorded and unbilled in North America's legal system
each year was relaunched by Tempus-Rex today.

It's estimated that every month, three to four hours of billable time
per lawyer go unbilled due to inefficient timekeeping practices. In a
profession where time is billed at hundreds of dollars per hour, this
amounts to a significant and needless revenue loss each year. Firms
large and small struggle with the capture of billable time, especially
in the modern age where professionals are constantly on the move, using
their mobile devices in addition to their desktops and landlines to
conduct business.

“With lawyers using mobile technology to service their clients almost
anywhere at almost any time, they need an easy and straightforward way
to capture and bill that time,” said Don Joyce , managing partner, Tempus-Rex . “The very first time a lawyer in a solo practice or a small firm uses
Tempus-Rex to capture even a single six-minute billing increment that
otherwise would have gone unbilled, our application will have paid for

Tempus-Rex uses the Carpe Diem Mobile time-capture engine, a proven and
trusted enterprise-grade time-capture system that boasts an installed
user base of over 25,000 timekeepers in some of the largest law firms
around the world. Designed for solo and smaller practices, Tempus-Rex
does not require a complex desktop setup or a protracted procurement
process; solo practitioners, practioners in small firms or lawyers in
large firms who want to complement their firm's available tools can
simply download the app and immediately start capturing lost revenue.

Running on the BlackBerry smartphone, the Tempus-Rex application offers
three standard functions. The active Jot-It-Down function enables the
user to actively select the case, choose the time allotted to the case
and add a description. The Remind Me feature prompts the user to
capture the time spent on calls and emails, whether inbound or
outbound, at the end of the activity. Tag-and-Send, the most popular
functionality, enables users to go through phone logs, email logs or
the calendar and tag any items that need to be captured, simply, in
just a few clicks. Small firms with more than one subscriber can use
the Managing ID function to consolidate captured data under a single ID
for visibility and revenue tracking.

An intuitive user interface requires no training and, because it's a
software-as-a-service, or SaaS, application, there's no software to
install or maintain. The app is fully integrated with all BlackBerry
functions, capturing billable time seamlessly, with no need for users
to adjust how they work.

Tempus-Rex can be trialled free of charge for 30 days, following which
it will cost $9.95 per month to continue to use the app. The data of
individual users is securely hosted on a client portal at the Tempus
Rex website, where it is housed for the duration of subscribership.
Billing details can be downloaded on demand, in spreadsheet form, and
imported into most common billing and accounting systems used by

Partnerships with bar associations like the California Bar Association
and service providers like T-Mobile in select U.S. markets result in
discounts for members.

Applications that run on other popular mobile platforms are currently in

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