Teridian launches single-package DAA modem device

Irvine, Calif.—Teridian Semiconductor Corp. launched a pair of chipsets that incorporate direct access arrangement (DAA) technology for data/fax modem and voice applications.

The 73M1822 and 73M1922 MicroDAA modem chipsets provide the necessary functions and protection required for worldwide homologation. Applications include high-speed voice band data modems, satellite set-top boxes, fax/multifunction peripherals (MFP), point-of-sale (POS) terminals, and other embedded modem applications.

According to Teridian, the 73M1822 is the first single package silicon DAA product. The device uses an inexpensive common pulse transformer that forms a digital isolation barrier, transferring both power and data to the PSTN line side components. This technology is also available for extended isolation requirements as a chipset, 73M1922. The result is reliable performance in the presence of EMI and line voltage variations.

Development kits for both devices are available now, and include a ready-to-use board with an actual 73M1822 or 73M1922 ICs, with firmware and software libraries and a reference design.

Pricing: Available upon request.
Availability: Volume production scheduled for June.
Datasheets: 73M1822 and 73M1922.

Teridian Semiconductor Corp., 1-714-508-8800,

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