Texas Instruments’ ADS8363 data converters

Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two-channel simultaneous-sampling successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with two independently controlled internal references for simplified system-level design.

The 16-bit ADS8363, 14-bit ADS7263 and 12-bit ADS7223 are pin-for-pin compatible and provide twice the per-channel throughput of similar ADCs , supporting speeds up to 1 MSP S for industrial and energy applications such as motor control, power quality measurement, protection relays, power automation, solar inverters and wind generators.

Key highlights :

  • Integrates two 2.5-V, independently controlled references to simplify system-level design, enabling separate ADC gain calibration and the implementation of a programmable gain amplifier
  • 1-MSPS throughput increases efficiency for higher performance
  • FIFO reduces processor accesses by 75 percent or more
  • Supports up to eight pseudo-differential or four fully-differential input channels grouped into two pairs
  • Characterized for harsh industrial environments up to 125ºC
  •  5-mm x 5-mm QFN package

Pricing : For 1,000-unit quantities is as follows: $9.95 for the ADS8363, $6.95 for the ADS7263 and $3.95 for the ADS7223.

Availability : Now.

Datasheet : Click here.

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