Texas Instruments and its robust ecosystem set the bar for superior mobile user experiences at Mobile World Congress 2010

DALLAS , Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) has a long history of driving mobile innovation with its proven OMAP™ platform and robust connectivity solutions.  Continuing in this pioneering spirit, TI will bring new mobile use cases to life and showcase never-before-seen applications at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2010, kicking off this week in Barcelona .  TI's MWC demonstrations, which include highlights from its robust ecosystem of more than 400 partners, echo the multimedia prowess of the OMAP 3 and 4 platforms – including 1080p high-profile HD video, touchless gesturing and multiple display support – and the flexibility of its connectivity solutions that drive everything from navigation tracking to fitness applications.

“As we enter the 2010 Mobile World Congress event, we are on the cusp of a mobile revolution.  We have the right mix of technology and innovative applications that are forming the perfect storm,” said Fred Cohen , director of TI's OMAP ecosystem. “At TI, we are dedicated to stretching the idea of what is possible, and in doing so rely greatly on ecosystem of developers.  We believe a robust ecosystem is critical to driving innovation as well as being a fundamental element of our OMAP platform strategy.” Visit for complete information.

Who: Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI)

What: Innovative demonstrations based on TI's technologies

When: February 15-18, 2010

Where: Mobile World Congress 2010, TI Booth (8A84, Hall 8)

What show attendees will see: TI technology-based demonstrations from the company's leading partners, including:

        Partner                            Demonstration
        -------                            -------------
    Digital Aria      OMAP 3 platform used for innovative 2D and 3D
    ------------      graphics user interface that enables realistic 3D
                      physics user interfaces for the mobile market
    Dynastream        Check heart rate, foot pod and weight scale devices
    ----------        via TI's WiLink(TM) 7.0 solution using the ANT+ ultra
                      low power protocol
    Eyesight          OMAP 3 platform enables touch free interface
    --------          technology.  Demonstration features several
                      touchless gesture enabled applications, such as:
                      MP3 player, GPS navigation, photo gallery and call
    Fulton            Automotive console with integrated wireless
    ------            charging for a number of portable electronic
    Fuse              Collaborative mobile phone concept using the
    ----              OMAP3630 processor demonstrates the future of user
                      interaction for handsets, integrating multiple
                      interface technologies-including multi-touch
                      capacitive sensing, haptic feedback, 3D graphics,
                      as well as force, grip and proximity sensing
    Haansoft          "ThinkFree Mobile for Android", a full featured
    --------          office suite designed and optimized for Android
                      powered mobile devices running on the OMAP 3
    ID3D              OMAP36x processor's graphic capabilities are fully
    ----              leveraged to showcase the Airplay SDK that allows
                      developers to create immersive console quality
                      games and applications  across multiple OSes and
    Imagination       Exciting gaming experience that leverages the power
    -----------       of shader technology in the OMAP36x processor's
                      Open GLES2.0 3D graphic hardware
    Ittiam            720p high definition H264 video codecs using a
    ------            split architecture optimized to run on ARM(R)
                      Cortex(TM)-A8 and OMAP36x processor's Imaging and
                      Video Accelerator (IVA 2)
    Kishonti          Navigate smoothly through 3D city models rendered
    --------          with OpenGLE2.0 graphic acceleration on the
                      OMAP36x processor
    Liquavista        Showcasing Liquavista's revolutionary
    ----------        electrowetting technology for displays that
                      function well in all lighting environments and
                      produce life-life multimedia with extremely low
                      power consumption
    M2M               Find OMAP 3 technology in a multi-purpose home box
    ---               security getaway that keeps your mobile phone
                      (also powered by the OMAP platform) connected to
                      multiple sensor points monitoring your home
    Mentor Graphics   Features Inflexion(TM) user interface which allows for
    ---------------   rapid customization and differentiation of
                      Android-based devices built on the OMAP 3
    Mindtree          Showcases Mindtree's Bluetooth(R) low energy stack
    --------          interfacing with TI's WiLink 7.0 solution to
                      operate a mobile game via remote control
    MMS (3D)          Stereo camera and 3M stereoscopic display
    --------          integrated in to TI's popular Zoom OMAP36x-III
                      mobile development platform to enable 3D video
                      capture, encoding and display of stereo content
    MMS (eBook)       Transforming the eBook experience though the
    -----------       optimization of applications and use cases, and
                      implementing Android and Linux OS-based
    Morpho            Video stabilization technology takes full advantage
    ------            of the powerful OMAP 3 processor to deliver high
                      quality video capture while in motion
    Movial            Discover a new way to surf the web on your mobile,
    ------            including to access content with Adobe Flash-
                      10.1, with a contextual multi-screen version of
                      Movial IXS Browser running on TI's OMAP 4
                      platform, leveraging multiple displays and the
                      ARM(R) Cortex(TM)-A9 SMP architecture
    Planet 9          OMAP 3 platform powers user friendly navigation
    --------          application, with realistic-looking city scenes
                      using TeleAtlas advanced 3D models, natural
                      texturing effects and other exciting features
    Scalado           Image processing technology that combines multiple
    -------           high resolution shots into a single very high
                      resolution panoramic image
    The Astonishing   TI's OMAP 4 platform running a highly advanced
    Tribe (TAT)       multi-screen 3D UI, on a Linux operating system-
    ---------------   based platform
    Teleca            Features market changing dual-display
    ------            functionality running on the OMAP 4 platform,
                      which is further enhanced to run on the
                      increasingly popular Android Eclair stack
    VirtualLogix      See how virtualization enables rapid deployment of
    ------------      multiple HLOS running on the OMAP 3 and OMAP 4
    WIPRO             Android Eclair operating system ported to SMP-
    -----             based OMAP 4 solution highlighting high speed
                      browsing, accelerated graphics, and integrated TI
                      DLP(R) Pico(TM) technology
    XTR               Navigate a UI application using XTR 3D Human
    ---               Machine Interface on the OMAP 3 platform, via
                      simple finger gestures "in the air," activating
                      the TAT application using software only and a
                      simple web cam

About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) helps customers solve problems and develop new electronics that make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener and more fun. A global semiconductor company, TI innovates through manufacturing, design and sales operations in more than 30 countries. For more information, go to


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