Texas Instruments : Hot-swap managers suit 3 to 20 V voltage rails

Texas Instruments Incorporated has introduced three hot-swap managers that help protect against over currents for voltage rails between 3 V and 20 V and an operating current of up to 5 A. The TPS2420 comes in a tiny 16-pin QFN package and the TPS2421-1 and TPS2421-2 come in 8-pin SOIC packages and offer more than twice the current throughput of existing hot-swap managers with integrated FETs in the same voltage range. For product details see:

The TPS2420 family supports applications such as disk drive arrays, network clients, industrial monitoring devices and communications systems. The devices require up to 70 percent fewer external components than competitive products to implement a complete solution. Each device can operate across the entire operating voltage range with only the timing capacitor and resistor-set current thresholds.

Key Features

• Input voltage range from 3 V to 20 V
• Integrated FET and current sense element
• Onboard FET RDS (on) of 20mΩ
• Fault threshold adjustable from (0-5A)
• Independent current-limit threshold-TPS2420
• Power limiting with fast overload protection
• Programmable fault timer
• Analog current monitor output-TPS2420
• Fault and power good output
• Selectable latch or auto-retry Key Benefits
• Common product for multiple required system voltage rails
• Reduces board space and complexity
• Improves overall system efficiency
• Current range fits many applications
• Allows for either a fixed current or additional load current for set period – TPS2420
• Internal power limiting keeps FET in safe operating area
• Eliminates nuisance shutdowns
• Allows external A/D to monitor current – TPS2420
• Useful for system control and to enable downstream DC/DC converters
• Fault behavior tailored for system need

Availability and pricing

The TPS2420 is available now in a QFN-16 package. The TPS2421-1 and TPS2421-2 will be available in second quarter 2009, in SOIC 8-pin packages. The TPS2420 is priced at $1.95 and the TPS2421-1 and TPS2421-2 are priced at $1.60, in quantities of 1,000.

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